Triage Tassica Card

Professional Triage card, aimed at the emergency health care services for the intervention in incidents with multiple victims (IMV).

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It brings together the characteristics listed below: 

  • It ensures the assistance coordination over the multiplicity of operative managers.
  • It facilitates the uniformity of criteria and the quality standards in the assistance of patients in IMV.
  • It facilitates the tracking of all the victims (ascendant and descendant traceability) throughout the whole assistance process.
  • It resists in real conditions (liquids, fats, blood, NRBQ decontamination).
  • It is useful with the habitual writing tools (pen, marker, even pencil).
  • It helps to reduce the stress and the need of memoirist efforts during the intervention because it serves as an operative guide during the performance.

View more information in this video (in Spanish)