Training Services

Our methodology is focused in two aspects:
  • Intensive use of the New Technologies that allows erasing spatial-temporal frontiers facilitating the acquisition of knowledge by the student regardless their placement and optimizing their time. Thus, it fosters learning networking.
  • Competence development eminently practical (by means of in-class sessions or videoconferences)

Servicios formativos Tassica


  • QUALITY. Our philosophy consists in reaching excellence in any project we undertake.
  • PRESTIGE. Integrated by the most renowned internationally Spanish university institution CEU-SAN PABLO, and the leader society in R+D+I TASSICA EMERGENCY, TRAINING & RESEARCH S.A. We select our partners among the best considered educational institutions.
  • INTERNATIONAL. With worldwide partners.
  • EXPERIENCE.We always try the cognitive process to be as pleasant as possible for the student, enjoying the time spent in their training.
  • BLENDED. The methodology used is base don the combination of a personalized on-line training (through the Virtual Campus) with competence development (Videoconference)
  • VIRTUAL CAMPUS. One of the most advanced in the world, with a specifically designed architecture and tools for on-line sessions to complement their learning process in the in-class sessions.
  • VIDECONFERENCE. Our system (direct or asynchronous), suitable for all devices (PC, Mac, Iphone, Android, etc.) allows the collaboration of the participants.
  • CREATION of the contents in a professional TV Studio with HD images guarantying the maximum quality
  • SEGURITY in the platform. Access will be done by means of using a personal password.
  • ADAPTATION to the student, programmes have been developed taking into account the future receivers. This flexible feature facilitates the study in combination with other activities such as the professional career.
  • PROFESSORS. We have the best professors, with corroborated expertise and wide methodological knowledge, guaranty of a adequate education for all our students.
  • CERTIFICATIONS international, in our programmes our main goal is that the student can get the most of each educational action, that their investment has the maximum return.
  • MULTITUDE of areas of knowledge, from the fundamental scientific research to the most empiric applications.
  • WIDE RANGE of offers, from basic or specific courses of a few hours to internationally renowned postgraduate programmes, sharing all of them the same denominator: THE QUALITY.