Tassica PHE Management

PHE Managementis born under the need of the Urgencies Coordinator Centre of a device made up of the material and human resources, of optimizing the efficiency of the Emergencies System, both in health care and economic terms.

PHE Management

Urgencies Coordinator Centre

  • It receives the assistance demand(call).
  • It obtains the key data of the incident
  • It determines the type of response and the suitable level of priority
  • It mobilises the suitable resource for the response 
  • It tracks the intervention till its conclusion

What’s being offered by Tassica PHE Management?

  • Integrated call management
  • Protocols of response
  • Selection of the optimal resource
  • Continuous tracking of the incident
  • Operative communications
  • Health care assistance
  • Assistance continuation


Operative benefits

  • It favours a quick access to the health care service by the user in case of urgency.
  • It provides a global and adapted response to each need.
  • It facilitates the decision-making in management and the assessment of the interventions of improvement.
  • It increases the efficiency of the system reducing the economic costs.

Assistance Benefits

  • It reduces the time in receiving urgent assistance.
  • It contributes to improve the assistance quality and the correct tracking of the service procedures.
  • It facilitates the assistance continuation with the hospitals (receivers).
  • It improves the results in terms of morbidity and mortality.

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