The Official Master’s Degree of Urgencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes from TASSICA is on the way


TASSICA EMERGENCY, TRAINING & RESEARCH S.A. organizes the first official Master’s Degree in Urgencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes in in cooperation with the CEU-SAN PABLO UNIVERSITY, the SUMMA 112 and the HOSPITAL GROUP OF MADRID.

The Official Master’s Degree of Urgencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes from TASSICA is on the way

The Master’s Degree inUrgencies, Emergencies and Catastrophes will start to be taught in the CEU-San Pablo of Madrid in September 2011 with a curriculum that meets the international norms of the specialty field of emergencies: European Society for Emergency Medicine, International Federation of Emergency Medicine, European Curricula of Emergency Medicine, the Body of Teaching of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES).

It also meets the requirements for the recognition of the professional competence of activities related to the sanitary transport of accreditation agencies, for example the Pedro Laín Entralgo Agency of the Community of Madrid.

The degree is structured into attendance classes every 2 weeks during the afternoon, accredited blocks (RCP adults and SVA, Prehospital Trauma Care, Neonatal and Pediatric RCP and Multiple Victims Care) taught in intensive classes during the whole day, and internship days in the Medical Emergency Care SUMMA112 and in the Hospital Group of Madrid.

The lecturers are professionals with a lot of experience both in the area of teaching and the main emergencies of our environment outside and in the hospital:

•• SUMMA 112 of Madrid

•• SAMUR - PC of Madrid

•• SAMER - PC of Las Rozas de Madrid

•• Hospital Gregorio Marañón of Madrid

•• Hospital 12 de Octubre

•• Universtiy Hospital Fuenlabrada of Madrid

•• Hospital Madrid Sanchinarro

•• Hospital Madrid Montepríncipe

•• Military School of Health

•• Etc.

There are preferential conditions for doctors specialized in Family Medicine and Community Medicine or residents in the last year in these specializations, professionals of the SUMMA112, of the Hospital Group of Madrid, as well as prior students of the CEU Group. Nevertheless, there is a substantial number of places available for applicants of other national or international institutions.