Vocational Training Nursery Health Care Technician


Those students who want to study the MEDIUM VOCATIONAL TRAINING: NURSERY HEALTH CARE TECHNICIAN will acquire, from the best professionals, the necessary knowledge in order to provide auxiliary care to the patient and perform properly in the health conditions of their environment. They will perform their functions mainly in the health care sector: consultations, hospitalizations, urgencies and special units; in retirement homes and in the social services of Ministries, Autonomous communities and town-halls. 


   First Course:

  •     Administrative operations and health documents.
  •     Nursery basic techniques.
  •     Hygiene in the hospital and cleaning materials.
  •     Health promotion and psychological support to the patient.
  •     Support dentistry techniques.
  •     Relationships in the workplace environment.
  •     Professional Training


Second course:

  • Internship in work centres.

Entrance Requirements

  •     Degree: Graduated in E.S.O. (Secondary Mandatory School).
  •     Degree of Assistance Technician.
  •     To have passed the second course of “Bachillerato Unificado y Polivalente” (BUP).
  •     Any other equivalent academic degree to the above mentioned
  •     To have passed the entrance exam to Vocational Training Courses or the entrance exam for those older than 25 years. 

Career Prospects

Primary health care and communitarian: home assistance, health promotion, dentistry health, consultations and retirement homes.

Specialized attention: consultations, hospitalization, urgencies, paediatrics, special units (UVI, UCI, etc.) geriatrics, etc.

Health care centres, health resorts, social services of Ministries, Autonomous communities and town-halls.