Online professional MASTER IN Business Management Software SAP ERP


 Every year, more companies opt for incorporating SAP Solutions as an integrated system to increase their levels of operative efficiency, to provide an adequate control and to facilitate the decision-making in the organization. Due to the demand of specialist that has been generated as well as the lack of this kind of profile in the market, ISEP-CEU in collaboration with TASSICA Emergency, Training & Research, develops the ONLINE PROFESSIONAL MASTER IN BUSINESS SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT SAP ERP  


  •  To help students to comprehend the management procedures of the company through the functional and integrated knowledge of the basic management procedures supported by SAP Solutions.  
  • To obtain the official Certificate of SAP Consultant in the module of specialization, increasing the opportunities of integration into the workforce. This accreditation, internationally recognised, guarantees that the student has assimilated the knowledge to participate as a consultant in SAP projects. The certification ratio of our students is much more superior that the ratio of the market.  

Obtained degree

  •     Degree of ISEP CEU
  •     SAP Degree
  •     Certification as an official SAP Consultant (Once the correspondent exam is passed)


  Course length:  200 Hours.

It will be based on an on-line methodology with constant professor support.


    MODULE: Introduction Subject CEU

    MODULE: TERP10 SAP Processes Integration

    MODULE: TFIN50 Financial Accounting I

    MODULE: TFIN52 Financial Accounting II

    MODULE: AC040 Overview controlling

    MODULE: Cost Centre & Internal orders

    MODULE: AC610 Profit Centre Accounting

Entrance requirements

Students with any university degree (of any speciality).

Exceptionally these studies could be taken by people without a university degree who, because of their expertise and knowledge profile, have the necessary skills for an adequate application. 

7.300 €